We provide innovative, technology-focused trading execution-only IT system

Empower Hub offering will heavily leverage on Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for both trading and market data access. These APIs will allow financial services firms to directly connect their trading platforms into the Empower Hub system and provide straight-through processing into Bursa Malaysia.

The service will be expanded into other countries (Singapore, Hong Kong etc) following successful rollout in Malaysia. With no other broker offering API based trading services in Malaysia, it is expected that Empower Hub will assist its brokers to increase trading volumes as part of servicing this emerging market.

Target Market

• Fintech companies •
• Day traders •
• Algo traders •
• Financial planning firms •
• Asset & wealth management companies •

The Meaning Behind Our Logo

Like Einstein’s equation e=mc²

E - equities

M - Motif Markets

M² - Power up your trading access to the market
Speed to market, like light